November Slow

Fall in the Midwest is a beautiful time of year, and November is no exception. Days shorten, suddenly the clocks change, and before I know it I am trekking in dim afternoon light filtered even further by wispy, icy clouds. I find warmth inside my bundled layers as the almost freezing air hits the exposed areas of my face. The birds are still present in numbers, but feel quiet and rushed as the chill pushes them on towards warmer destinations. Those that remain slow down as they settle into the sheltered bushes and countless pine trees that dot the landscape where my wife and I are walking. I find myself slowing down as well.

There’s a sense of magic walking through a sun-filled stand of pines on a November weekday in a place removed from the busy rush of the work week. Nostalgia, as it so often does in fall, sets in once again as I reflect on over twenty years of November hikes and drives through nature.

For me, late fall is a season of reflection. Exciting visions shift towards deeper contemplation about the ministries and work God calls me towards. What is winter for society today and what light can I bring to the landscape? What shelter is most needed?

As you go about your week, I invite you to step back as well for even just ten minutes to reflect on your leadership, your family, or your work.

Does fall cause you to slow down? How can you help others slow down and find warmth in the midst of fall?