Vision and Leadership Consulting

Over the past ten years, I have worked with businesses, churches, and non-profits in a number of ways including helping discern vision, vision casting, mission and vision assessments, leadership development groups, one-on-one mentoring, organizational audits, and marketing.

Vision without strategy is dangerously broken, but strategy without vision is even worse. Throughout history, people have been implementing strategies based on human principles and understandings. Visioning draws us back to a God focused source for answers and direction as well as a Holy Spirit filled passion and inspiration that helps us recast strategies and propel a vision forward.

–Eric Secker

Vision Consulting

An outside visionary can help individual leaders who struggle for free time to escape from the day-to-day operations of their job as well as leaders desiring to consult with someone who specializes in reviewing statistics, researching trends, innovating, and bringing new ideas to the table. Together we will carefully, strategically, and prayerfully evaluate where you are now, develop a vision and strategy for getting you where you need to go, and identify the complex roadblocks to long-term success.

One-on-One Mentoring

A visionary with a gift and heart for training and counseling others can provide current leaders, potential leaders, and aspiring young adults with an outlet for sharing their struggles as well as encourage and empower their visions and help resource their plans. Truly valuable mentoring is a rare commodity that requires considerable investment and a mentor with a deep heart, ability to understand others, and unique sense of vision. Many leaders are busy in their day-to-day jobs and appreciate having outside help to encourage and inspire potential leaders in their church, organization, or business.

Group Vision Casting

Through a custom-tailored mix of group discussions, meetings, and book studies, together we will identify issues both in our own lives and your business, organization, or church, dream up potential strategies, and help propel forward a passionate spirit of vision casting and personal growth. Vision casts can be anywhere from one-day programs to year-long, monthly, or bi-weekly book studies and discussions.